A Little Something About our Exuberant Zuzu Sugars!

zuzu sugars as a baby

{Originally Posted 5/22/18}

Dog lovers? Most certainly! Dog behavior experts? Hardly! We’ve tried to be good dog trainers and have often wished for the perfectly behaved dog.  But we find that we actually just prefer a bit of mischief and we enjoy seeing the lot of personality that comes with it in our four pawed companions.

We have never been very good at having the kind of well behaved dog that makes visiting our home a tame experience. Nope, we’ve never had a dog that didn’t just adore people and clamber all over anyone that enters into our home. It’s been said that dogs take on the personalities of their owners, but neither of us are what you call gregariously sociable. It appears our four-pawed family members have always tried to make up for our more subdued personalities. Zuzu is no exception! This exuberant sweetheart has become our antidote to empty nest syndrome.

We’ve helped three amazing people launch into adulthood effectively.  They are all very successful and in fact, they are the kind of people you’re proud to know even if they weren’t your own children!  Amid the years of helping them grow up, we incorporated a few four-pawed children as well.

The loss of our 14 year old, fun and energetically entertaining, Maltese (Tigger) which we knew would soon be followed by the loss of our, lovable and easy-going, 10 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback (Ranger), brought us to research the most healthy dog breeds.

Tigger and Ranger both had high-maintenance health issues that were taxing and expensive over the years. In our quest for a healthier breed, we landed on the Canaan Dog. The Canaan Dog is considered one of the healthiest breeds, is medium in size, and one of their well known attributes is that they possess a wanderlust personality. Perfect!

Throughout Zuzu’s first year with us, we often call her Sugars or Zuzu Sugars when sweet talking her. Therefore, we decided to name this blog Zuzu Sugars. Zuzu Sugars is now the star of our home and travels! Please join us as we enjoy Zuzu’s antics and go with Zuzu on her adventures.



Joe & LaVae Mathis – Zuzu Sugars’ Humans