To HELP Is Beautiful ~ Homeless Animals’ Day !

{Originally Posted 8/20/18}

Joe and I often ask our precious Zuzu Sugars if she realizes the lap of luxury in which she has been so fortunate to land.  And as she gets her morning nap on one of our guest beds, I see that today is International Homeless Animals Day.

It’s hard to see those commercials or see shows geared around the misfortune some animals face. The sad faces, the lack of care and grooming, the malnourished bodies, and sometimes even the impact of abuse are all just nauseating aren’t they?!

As animal lovers we often wish we were better off financially so that we could do more.

In the mean time, until we win that big jackpot in the lottery perhaps, we’ll just make some small efforts to help at least on some days.

Today is one of those days. Please join us if you are able because To HELP Is Beautiful and To LOVE A PET Is Beautiful (or animals in general that is)!

Read more about International Homeless Animals Day Here ~> ISAR

Read more about The Humane Society Here ~> HSUS

Here is where Zuzu Sugars was spending her time while I wrote & shared this post 🙂

Much Love & have a wonderful day filled with the things that make your life beautiful!

Joe & LaVae Mathis – Zuzu Sugars’ Humans