LaVae Mathis FAQs

Who are you?

My name is LaVae Mathis & I am the creator of LaVae’s Faves.

What is LaVae’s Faves exactly?

LaVae’s Faves is a reseller of new boutique and excellent pre-owned products with a focus on fashion apparel and home decor.

We also seek out remarkable deals and sales from around the web and share them on our great deals blog.

What inspired you to create LaVae’s Faves?

I’m an accountant by profession. But after decades of working in accounting jobs, I desired something more creative. So I started a small gifting website where I would share gift ideas, gift stories, and great deals.

I’ve always enjoyed resale. Even as a teen, I enjoyed consignment fashion and home decor. In this day and age, with so many amazing platforms to buy and sell on, I’m still hooked.

So I started sharing things I loved and since Faves rhymes with my name, LaVae’s Faves was born.

What is Bella Atto?

Some years ago, a close friend lost his life unexpectedly. One day I was admiring a piece of artwork he had given me. While thinking about how much that gift meant to me, I decided to start a a small gifting website. I called it Bella Atto (Italian for beautiful place).

I’ve now transitioned to LaVae’s Faves for a more personal experience but Bella Atto is still the business name that LaVae’s Faves is housed under.

More FAQs coming soon & thank you for visiting LaVae’s Faves!

Have a Fabulous Day & Happy Lady Bug Hunting! If you’ve seen Under the Tuscan Sun, you know what that means! 😉  


I enjoy helping you, Save Well, Give Well, & Live Well!