My Poshmark Adventure ~ Why I Love Resale!

Yes, it’s true, I’ve fallen in love with resale. I am now selling on Poshmark & loving it!

For starters…If you’re interested in joining Poshmark to shop great deals as a buyer or to make some money selling, go here ~> Join Poshmark

And, if you desire to shop my resale inventory on Poshmark, go here~> LaVae’s Faves on Poshmark

So…I’m reading news online some years back & land upon an article about a startup by the name of Poshmark. I read that they’ve drummed up millions in funding for a new fashion resale app and I thought, “wow, really!?!”. I have enjoyed shopping second-hand and clearance since I was a teen…when I had success at it that is. Additionally, through the years with financial challenges or the simple thrill of finding an exceptional deal, I’ve sometimes shopped clearance & second-hand for home décor, fashion, or toys for the kids. But often I would walk away thinking I had spent too much time to find little to nothing that worked for me, didn’t find the right size, or what I did find was damaged and deficient in some other way. Not to mention, the shopping environment isn’t always as pleasant as a great shopping avenue of upper scale options. All these thoughts…I just couldn’t fathom a startup garnering this level of funding to sell pre-owned and deeply discounted fashion online.

Fast forward to 2015… I have a friend using the app that tells me how great it is. So I sign up. But I’m busy with other things & never really use it.

Fast forward again to 2017. I now have my own tiny little hobby of a website about gifting online, our family has grown to include amazing grandchildren, my accounting work is just not as fulfilling as it used to be, I hate leaving our dogs home alone all day especially given that one of them has health issues, my & my husband’s health could stand to improve, etc… I come to believe that if I were not working a corporate position, I would be able to redistribute myself in a way that would serve our lives better. I vacate my controller position in the latter part of 2017 to do just that & plan to turn my hobby into an income earning vehicle.

As we move through 2018, life is great in many ways but not perfect. I’m just not generating the income I had desired. Our health improves some, we buy a jeep, we buy a boat, then we buy a nicer boat, we accomplish some home projects, our children and their children are all doing very well & we love spending time with them, we now have only one healthy dog (sadly the one with health issues has passed away), we transition to more of a one income couple since I can now only contribute & much to my disappointment, not as much as I would like. I come to realize that affiliate marketing via Bella Atto is much tougher than I anticipated. I also do some gift consulting but that too is challenging when it comes to finding clients that care to invest in such services. So I find myself wondering what else I can do to broaden my horizons and produce more income.

Then I land upon fashion resale as an option to supplement my other endeavors. I decide to try my hand at selling on Poshmark while still feeling apprehensive about fashion resale online in general. I find myself on a bit of a roller coaster with it at first. Some days are great, some days are not, I’m analyzing & trying to determine what will sell & what doesn’t. Come 2019, I’ve learned alot and I’m now full into it, love it, & here is why:

Shopping second hand & deep discount options isn’t always an efficient endeavor for the reasons I hit on in the first paragraph of this post. But if you can rely on a huge group of others (online resellers) to shop for you & put all those amazing finds in one place, then shopping pre-owned, clearance, & deep discounts becomes much more effective for the shopper. How awesome is that!?! Now a buyer can go online & see millions of pieces and save money shopping resale without having to try to find time to go thrifting, consignment, or clearance rack & discount shopping themselves. Poshmark makes it easy for the buyer to search their size, favorite brands & designers all while saving money on fashion that suits them!

Simultaneously, the seller’s get to earn some money doing something they enjoy. I’m no longer limited to just shopping for myself, I shop for others too & feel that I’m providing a great service in doing so. When I find an amazing dress that I wish I could wear but it’s not my size, I still get to buy it so someone else will benefit from my sweet fashion find! They can find it now via my resale channels, know it’s their size, that I’ve already looked it over & wouldn’t be presenting it if it weren’t remarkable! To RESELL Is Beautiful~LaVae’s Faves is born and has now become another sweet branch in my Bella Atto tree. My resale stock is slowly growing, I’m learning more on how to provide the service I desire to buyers, & I can’t wait to expand it this year.

If you’re interested in joining Poshmark to shop great deals as a buyer or to make some money selling, go here ~> Join Poshmark

And, if you desire to shop my resale inventory on Poshmark, go here~> LaVae’s Faves on Poshmark

May you have a sweet day full of the things that make your life beautiful!

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