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I admire the piece of artwork that hangs over my desk with such fond memories of the day it was given to me. It was my birthday and I was recently divorced but not yet dating. My family all lived in other states and my best friends at work did not want me to spend my birthday alone. We decided to celebrate my birthday with my young son at the park in my apartment complex after work.

We would keep it simple and order pizza. Zach requested I not order pizza until they had arrived so we could see what everyone would like. Of course I actually figured this was more of an attempt to be sure I did not pay for the pizza myself on my birthday.

That evening, Zach and Emma arrived with a beautiful bouquet of yellow roses and a gorgeous birthday cake. Jake and Ashley arrived with their pizza stone and ingredients for making authentic Italian pizza in my little apartment kitchen. Jake and Ashley then gifted to me the artwork I enjoyed and loved so much then, but now, I cherish even more so.

Sadly, we lost Jake some years ago to a mysterious illness. He was a healthy man, a wonderful father, and an athlete as well. Although he and Ashley had divorced, they had remained solid friends. Jake and his girlfriend, Hannah, were both avid runners. You would never think that this healthy, handsome, strong and wonderful man in his prime would be taken unexpectedly, but he was.

Jake became ill and was gone in a matter of weeks, a difficult and shocking time for us all. I never look at the art gifted to me by Jake and Ashley without thinking of my birthday that year, great people, great friends, and Jake.

I was so flattered that these wonderful people cared so much about me that they gifted me with the gathering they created, wonderful food, flowers, cake and art. Their presence alone was gift enough, but the art gift now possesses a much stronger sentiment.

My name is LaVae Mathis and I am the creator of Bella Atto. This is my personal gift story and the very experience that brought me to create Bella Atto. Bella Atto is Italian for Beautiful Place & started as a small gifting website. You can read more about why I came up with this name in my FAQs if you like.

Since I created Bella Atto a few years ago, it has been through quite an evolution as my husband and I have grown and embarked upon some transformations in our lives to include me leaving my corporate controller job, buying a new home, buying a jeep, buying a boat, then buying a bigger boat, getting a new dog, becoming empty-nesters, & enjoying new & precious grandchildren (not necessarily in that order).

Although, a love of art gifting along with a passion for gifting in general still inspires us here at Bella Atto, so do many, many, many other beautiful aspects of living life. And we’ve grown our undertakings here to help you  Save Well, Give Well, & Live Well.

Thank you for visiting & I hope you visit often and will enjoy seeing us grown and evolve here into something even more beautiful.

May you enjoy whatever makes your life beautiful today & every day!

Creator of Bella Atto
“I enjoy helping people Save Well, Give Well, & Live Well!”


Author: LaVae Mathis

I enjoy helping people Give Well, Save Well, & Live Well! Much Love! ♥️