To GIVE Is Beautiful Breathe Gently ~ Massage Themed Gifts ~ Always welcomed & especially this time of year!

Our Art Gifting feature for this post is a New Yorker Cartoon. We went with “In the park, a customer sits for a one-stop massage and portrait”. Ah the whimsy.. and we all know that accomplishing 2 things at once during this time of year is favorable! This Art Gifting selection is made available by our friends at!

massage and portrait

Best Massage Product Gift for Less Than $50 ~ Relieve everyday aches and pains quickly with the benefits of therapeutic massage. Two speeds provide fast relief. Low for soothing relief and High for deep penetration. Four therapy attachments allow you to customize the massage experience! Found at a great price at Walgreens!


Best Massage Product Gift for Less Than $100 ~ Just slide achy feet into the fleecy foot pockets and relax with two levels of soothing vibrations. Click on the optional heat button for gentle warmth or use it on vibration only. Just like a pair of favorite slippers, but better! Made available amid a great selection at Sharper Image!


Best Massage Product Gift for Less Than $150 ~ This Triple Shiatsu Massage Cushion with heat delivers a revitalizing massage in the comfort of your favorite chair. With the latest 3D full contour technology. The massaging nodes travel up and down your back for a deep kneading shiatsu massage. Made available by our friends at Homedics!


Best Massage Product Gift for Less Than $200 ~ PowerFingers was created to give you powerful therapeutic relief of shoulder, back and leg tension at home without the assistance of another person. With the same amazing deep penetration as the full sized Pro Model, but easier to use alone! Another great find at Amazon!


Best Massage Product Gift for $200 Plus ~ Whether you’ve had a long day at work followed by a round of errands, or you’ve had an easy day spending time with friends, you deserve a cozy place to unwind at home. If you don’t have the right place to relax, this Heated Massage Chair with Ottoman is a must-have for your home! This awesome selection is made available by our friends at Wayfair!


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