To PEN Is Beautiful ~ A Bella Atto Gift Story ~ In Celebration of FATHER’S DAY ~ The Tool Box ~ by LaVae Mathis ~ Another Favorite Gift Story in our Bella Atto Collection!

{Originally Posted Father’s Day 2018}

I was scared to answer the phone. The number of creditors calling just kept increasing. I wanted to pay them but I had lost my job five months before and my savings had run dry. Although, we’d still make the kids full sandwiches, my wife and I were eating peanut butter right from the jar.

Father’s Day was coming up and I had already discussed with my wife previously that we couldn’t afford any gifts this year. I didn’t want anything but time with her and the children anyway. When the kids carried the box over to me that morning, I put a big smile on my face for the kids but it worried me. Our kids didn’t have money of their own. She later admitted that she had bought the gift for the kids to give me.

It was a toolbox with a bunch of tools in it. I’m a tool guy. I love working on cars and fixing things. This box of tools was obviously a reasonably affordable option, but it still bothered me. I spoke to my wife later that day and asked her for the receipt so I could return it. She rolled her eyes but she knew that we needed the money more than I needed the tools and agreed to allow me to return it now with the intent to repurchase it when things improved.

I got all dressed up for an interview I had landed. I had practiced interview questions until I knew that I was ready. I packed the toolbox and the receipt into the car and left early so I would have time to return it on the way. Then, only minutes later, I understood the miracle that happened that day. It certainly didn’t feel like it at first but…

The car started clunking and as I was trying to figure out what the sound was, the car started smoking too. I pulled over and put my head down on the steering wheel. I knew exactly what it was and I was on the verge of crying. I thought, I can’t fix this now, I don’t have the…But then, I looked over at the toolbox. I then looked at the clock. Because I had left early to return the toolbox, I had some extra time. I grabbed the toolbox and got to work. I ended up getting my suit a bit greasy but I made it to the interview. The grease on me served as a great conversation piece and helped my interview as chief mechanic. I landed the job! And, kept the toolbox given to me by my awesome family!

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Author: LaVae Mathis

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